/Christmas Cookies Fondant Decorated With

Christmas Cookies Fondant Decorated With

These cookies I made last year. They were part of a workshop I did at work to entertain the kids while Santa Claus was giving them gifts. That to have a lot of desperate kids to sit on Santa’s lap seemed endless, so we organized the workshop cookies decorated with fondant. It was a success and this year will repeat, but will be something different. If you want to know more, you know that this kind of thing (events, visits to restaurants, etc.)

Recipe INGREDIENTS: 10 large cookies

For the cookie dough:

  • 350 grs. flour
  • 150 grs. sugar
  • 200 grs. salted butter at room temperature
  • 1 egg
  • 5 ml. (1 tbsp) vanilla flavor

For the decoration:

  • White Fondant
  • Flesh colored fondant
  • Fondant red
  • Fondant in black
  • Fondant green
  • Candy beads of various colors
  • Molds: Cutters Santa, tree and cane. A roll. Edible black marker pen. A cutter with ejector small leaf mistletoe


Prepared Thermo mix:

Pour the butter at room temperature in the glass of the Thermo mix, along with sugar; grind 1 min., Vel. Three. We incorporate the egg, vanilla flavoring and coloring gel.

We incorporate the sifted flour and schedule 30 sec., Vel.3. Knead for 1 1/2 min. vel. spike.

Development without Thermo mix:

Beat the butter with the sugar until it whitens. Add the egg and vanilla aroma, well integrated once all ingredients incorporate the sifted flour. Once integrated flour Tip the dough on the work surface dusted previously, and just kneads. At this time the gel colorant added, although it can also incorporate the instant that incorporate vanilla aroma.

For both processes:

We formed two balls and stretch with the roller between two baking papers. I leave with a thickness of 6 mm., 5 or 6 mm is ideal. Refrigerate at least one hour, but I always stop overnight.

Preheat oven to 180º C.

Once cool the mass removed the paper covering it up and cut to the desired shape with a cookie cutter. We’re putting on a Silpat or parchment paper on top of the tray (cold).

Bake for 10 minutes. An indication that the cookie is ready is when they start to brown around the edges. Although time may vary depending on the thickness of the cookie.

For me it is much easier to decorate cookies with fondant icing. We will decorate in layers, using the same mold to make cookies. We’ll start with the easiest.


We extend a piece of green fondant large enough to cut a tree, you will see that the fondant tends to shrink a little thing going great for us that does not pay the entire edge. Paint with water, using a brush, the entire surface of the cookie, and place it over the fondant. In this case I chose to decorate with black cord balls and some edible fondant pearls. The other tree that you see on the picture is sprinkled with edible metallic beads. All beads and pearls are glued with a water droplet.


To decorate the stick is as easy as stretching a piece of white fondant and a red. Cut two sticks, one white and one red. Paint with water rod shaped cookie and place it above the white cane. Now, we make a few cuts to red baton as in the alternate forum and put red chunks in the same position, but on the white fondant. Finally, decorate with holly leaves and a few balls.

Recipe Santa Claus:

In theory, this is the most complicated, but also think that much. In fact, in the picture you can see my version (right) of Santa Claus and the version of my Princess (left) who was 3 years old when made. And I say! If she can, you more, right? Like the other two cookies, use the mold to cut Santa fondant. First, we will extend a piece of flesh colored fondant, the piece does not have to be as large as the entire cookie, and we only cover the face of Santa Claus. We painted the area with water and place the cookie piece of fondant. Then, we extend a piece of red and cut with cutter, in this case we are interested in the area of the cap, paint that area of the cookie with a little water and place it over.

Now make a ball sized white ball cap. Paint the area with a little water and stick. To beard, face and edge of hat do many white balls, which are important in various sizes, and go putting on previously painted area with a little water. Once, as we will put a few small tears and eyebrows, and two a little bigger to be mustaches.