/Disney Princess Castle Cake

Disney Princess Castle Cake

On today’s recipe just comment that, apart from some easily replaceable tools and foremost you need a little imagination and a lot of enthusiasm. I think next year will not ask my daughter who wants her birthday cake, because his answer was clear: “I want a cake from Disney Princess Castle with all the Princesses, the Dragon, Prince and the horse. .. “. Anyway, next year better not ask.

Yes, all the effort is rewarded by seeing the face of movie that had all the kids … And what they enjoyed eating it!


  • Powdered
  • White Fondant
  • Edible Glue
  • Gel coloring lilac, pink, brown and green
  • 150 white and pink clouds shaped bricks
  • Bricks sugar
  • Fruit jelly beans
  • Clouds shaped pompom bunting


  • Round polystyrene base (18cm diameter x 10 cm height)
  • Base of polystyrene round (30 cm diameter x 10 cm height)
  • Polystyrene cones of various sizes
  • Polystyrene round tubes of 3.5 cm
  • Square base polystyrene
  • One tip sticks
  • Different sizes skewer sticks
  • Cling film
  • Roller guides
  • Transparent acetate
  • Wash tape “princess” pink


To make this cake so we just need a few pieces of polystyrene, many sweets, a little fondant and be clear in your head that’s what we do. The first thing I did was Google “cake sweets castle” and I liked what I saw, so I was inspired by the Disney castle.

First I lined the polystyrene with plastic wrap and then to place the goodies on this. I lined all the pieces except the tubes, since these all lined it with fondant (and would not let it be eaten). Once all the pieces lined rode my castle, as you see in the picture. Polystyrene parts are joined together with toothpicks or skewers sticks. Once assembled the castle, I removed all the towers in order to cover them with fondant. These can also line with sweets but I preferred to do so.

To cover each tower, the first thing I did was dye the pink fondant, and I was making fondant sheets large enough to cover the tower. Once the fondant taut, using a roller with guides to a uniform thickness, the shape of a brick marked with texturing blade. We turn and brush with a little glue inside the fondant and place it around the polystyrene tube. The process is the same for covering all tubes. Then we put the sticks sticking skewers.

Fondant dyed green and brown, and decorate with leaves Towers ivy. Using a drawing sheet rock texturizing did with the windows and door. The hit the towers with edible glue.

Once this is completed we began to decorate with sweets. It was perfect, because I found bricks shaped clouds. I placed alternately, sticking a toothpick tip one in every cloud. Then, I put the clouds on the second floor in the same manner as the first. At the base of the first floor put a pompom shaped clouds, combining different colors. And at the base of the second floor put some bricks acids with the aid of toothpicks around to avoid dropping the jelly I placed across the base. Finally, I painted all the cones with icing dyed purple. The castle flags it finished off with a tape made with wash tape “princess” pink and some chopsticks.