/Five Hands Diet – Yes Or No!

Five Hands Diet – Yes Or No!

The five hands diet is about making five meals the size of a fist or a plate, especially proteins: at breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner eat small amounts of fish (salmon, tuna, shrimp …) or eggs, not including any type of carbohydrate, sugar or fat. Pets only green vegetables, the tisane cleansing, some nuts and water. To “snacking” also allowed Eastern Goji berries, famous for its effects on mood and that fight aging.

We remind you that the Mediterranean diet is considered as the best from the nutritional point of view but there are many variations adapted to each individual. And that’s why we have to tell you that dietitians, nutritionists and doctors generally advise against eating high protein diets, which are still in special situations, for example, before initiating a complete diet for best results.

It is in this context that created the five hands diet: to lose the kilos gained after pregnancy.

Thus, it should be noted that it is dangerous because it is performed at the time when a woman is already exposed to great stress during lactation. Milk production and quality with all the nutrients, is an element that few have in mind and dietary imbalance in the period after a pregnancy, but not in the chest, can be dangerous to the body. While it is true that the result of this diet is evident as weight loss is real and looks, what happens inside is less visible but no less important. Keep your eyes open and go to your doctor to retrieve the line, and in any case avoid this diet if you just go through a pregnancy.

The Diet Of The Famous On The Red Carpet

When you step on the red carpet, whatever, and have thousands of flashes photographing every inch of her figure, the famous seem coming from beyond. Face, skin, body … all perfect. And diet and exercise go hand in hand for these results. Well, five hands diet is also known that many celebrities use it when arriving a little late to the great quote from one of the year’s biggest galas. For this plan express most use this diet, but also have to say that many have to the best nutritionists and personal trainers.

While celebrities are usually low-carb diets, the days before a red carpet almost completely eliminate them for deflate and lose a few kilos before the event. The key is to make healthy proteins cooked without fat.

Among the red carpet diets becoming more adept earn the macrobiotic and organic, based on fresh and natural. Of course, sugar, refined foods and alcohol is prohibited before a red carpet and also, of course, in the operation bikini.

Just do think that genetics can be molded but not change, so you cannot take anyone as a model because each has its physical and not good to spend a week based vegetable smoothies for weight loss.

But if you have an important event, we give you some tricks to be great and do well in the photos. The week before you minimize the intake of carbohydrates (except a small ration of bread or breakfast cereals), completely avoid alcohol and sugars, and increase your physical activity, especially aerobic and, if possible, before breakfast. As always propose, drink lots of water, take fruit between meals, very light dinner (grilled fish with vegetables, for example), and sign up to green tea, it will help you lose a couple or three pounds.

But ideally to avoid suffering or do drastic diets at the last moment, you know, do not neglect the rest of the year. The most important thing is not to go hungry, keep glucose levels stable and eat every three or four hours at most, even without being hungry.