/The Benefits Of Rosemary

The Benefits Of Rosemary

You will have probably heard of ‘rosemary’ before. No, not your great auntie Rosemary! The herb! It is found within many dishes and thus is often a main component in restaurant menus.

What Is Rosemary?

Rosemary is an aromatic herb that is most commonly used to season meats, especially chicken, pork and lamb. It can be quite potent when very fresh and thus is usually used sparingly.

Rosemary has a long history of also being used for medical purposes and is known to have many health benefits. Rosemary can be added to foods in different forms. Due to its tough and pine needle like texture it is usually finely chopped or if left entire then removed prior to serving.

Why should you eat rosemary?

Rosemary is used to enhance many usual bland dishes such as roast potatoes, cheeses, soups and stews.

It’s unique flavor paired with olive oil or black pepper has become increasingly popular and is found in many crackers, chips and soft cheeses.

Rosemary is used frequently within rheumatic liniments and ointments for its soothing effect on the skin and joints.

It has many other health benefits including the relief of stomachaches and pains.

It is particularly beneficial in the treatment of neuralgia, fatigue and other sleep related problems, as it is a sedative when used in the correct dosage with the correct ingredients.

For centuries rosemary has been used by herbalists to treat a wide range of conditions; dizziness, nerve problems, headaches, halitosis, stomach ailments and also as reportedly very effective pain reducers.

Rosemary also is ranked very highly on the list of cancer prevention foods. It is not hard to see why you should eat rosemary.

What Hong Kong restaurants central situated use rosemary?

Rosemary is used by most restaurants because of the fact that it is suited to several different foods, as mentioned earlier in the article. However, you should be looking for restaurants which are creative with the ingredient and know how to get the most from it. Blue Butcher is definitely one of these.

Blue Butcher is a New York style restaurant and bar with many awards under its belt, including Chef of the Year, Best Cocktails Award and the Meat Specialist. It is the sole restaurant in HK with a walk in pink salt dry aging room, and all the meats on the menu are 100% sourced and hand selected, only the very best cuts of meat from top ranking farms will make it to your plate in this restaurant.

Rosemary is used in many of the dishes served here which the head Chef has won awards for. Vital knowledge on the benefits of using rosemary with the meat dishes served here has helped the restaurant gain the title of The Meat Specialist, knowing how to make the finest combinations using the freshest ingredients mean the food here is healthy, boasting supreme quality and quite frankly second to none.

When you take all of this into account it is not hard to see why Blue Butcher is one of the Hong Kong best restaurants, especially for those looking for a tasty method of reaping the benefits associated with rosemary.